Bahrain Food Bank


Conserving Bounties Society is a non-profit, voluntary association licensed by the Ministry of Social Development (NGO), registration No. 8/C/W/X. CBS specializes in collecting and packaging surplus food from hotels, restaurants, consumer markets and various special events according to the health standards adopted in the Kingdom, and then CBS redistributes such food to families, expatriate workers and individuals in need throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain.

This initiative helped to significantly reduce the amount of food waste, and thus led to a decrease in the amount of food waste sent to the municipality’s landfill, which normally inflicts harm on the environment.


Establish community partnerships with individuals and institutions to conserve surplus food and distribute it to the beneficiaries of families and individuals to meet their daily food needs while adhering to international health and safety standards.


We aspire to be the leading institution in this sector in terms of high professionalism and distinguished service.

Terms of Packing

Ensure the safety of the food to be conserved during the packing process and that the food is in the form of a buffet.

Ensure that food is in good condition and has not been touched by hand.

Airtight containers shall be used, suitable for packing hot food and prepared for reuse and reheating in the microwave.

Food shall not be packed from outdoor buffets due to hygienic reasons.

Distribution Process

Work on identifying the entities that have previously received food.

Ensure that meals do not arrive late at their destination to ensure food safety.