Bahrain Food Bank

AIESEC in Bahrain, in collaboration with Conserving Bounties, has launched the Feed ME campaign, which aims to collect donations to eradicate hunger.

The campaign was launched in cooperation with AIESEC as it is devoted to providing food security to beneficiaries and to contributing to the development of Bahraini community.

All members and affiliates of CBS would like to extend their thanks for the efforts made by AIESEC in Bahrain, and its continuous devotion to contribute to the development of the community and providing humanitarian aid.

CBS seeks to improve charitable work and to present it professionally, as well as cooperate and communicate with associations and relevant authorities in coordination with the competent government bodies.

CBS plans to create a generation aware of the importance of bounties, and to spread the culture of conserving bounties. CBS shall educate the Bahraini youth about the value of volunteering.

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