Bahrain Food Bank

The Chief Executive of Conserving Bounties Mr. Ahmed Al-Kuwaiti has stated that the fellowship program (Ghaya); training program supported by Tamkeen in collaboration with Bahrain Science Center. and the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs had a great impact in renewing the society’s vision to its strategic plans to achieve professionalism in the field of entrepreneurship. Conserving Bounties thanks all in charge of the program for all what the efforts they have done.

It would also like to thank Mr. Ayman Tawfeeq Almoayyad Minister of Youth and Sports affairs, Mr. Hussain Mohammed Rajab, Chief Executive of Tamkeen and Ms. Nahla Khalid Ayoob, Director of Bahrain Science Center.  Such programs are highly important as they carry one basic purpose to solve environmental, social and economic profitable and non-profit problems and challenges.

Furthermore, Ms. Nahla Khalid Ayoob, Director of Bahrain Science Center for Sustainable Development Goals. has stated that “the staff of Bahrain Science Center Leading the social entrepreneurship program. in general and the fellowship program particularly has dedicated all their effort to design and implement this program. in view of its importance in the field of social entrepreneurship. As well as what it offers to the youth to volunteer and work on sustainable projects that are beneficial to the social, economic and environmental aspects in the country.

The program also enhances the center’s role in creating the proper environment to plan partnerships for the benefit of the youth of all private and public sectors for the positive influence, in addition, to provide a challenging yet fair environment for the youth.

Conserving Bounties is considered the first Food Bank in Bahrain established in 2014. To limit and prevent food waste, as well as supporting humble families with food. It aims to achieve the sustainable development goals. Specially goal (12) which means to recycle as conversing bounty society recycles food leftovers and any other foods to support the registered families in their food support lists.

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