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Under the sponsorship of His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Mubarak bin Dinah, the Special Envoy for Climate Affairs, the Supreme Council for Environment organized an awareness seminar in conjunction with the National Environment Day, which falls on the fourth of February of each year under the slogan “We Preserve the Climate to Protect Future Generations”, in association with a number of governmental and private bodies, as well as a group of experts and officials in environmental and climate affairs.

In his opening speech, His Excellency Dr. Bin Dinah affirmed that the Kingdom of Bahrain continues to adhere to its role towards international agreements and conventions concerned with protecting the environment and climate change, through its international contributions, and the local programs and projects it implements in order to adapt to the effects of climate change. His Excellency noted that the Supreme Council for Environment pays due attention to research, development, innovation and spreading community awareness of the concept of adapting to the impacts of climate change in order to strengthen national solidarity, enhance social responsibility and proceed towards achieving environmental sustainability.

Bin Dinah hailed the great role played by the various governmental, civil and private sectors in order to enhance the Kingdom’s efforts to adapt to the climate changes and limit their effects, and their constant keenness and continuous cooperation with the Supreme Council for Environment in spreading awareness, preparing studies and research, and participating in seminars and educational programs, including the organization of this seminar in which the participants exhibited their role, efforts, and environmental and climate initiatives.

During the seminar, a number of environmental and climate topics were presented and discussed; Eng. Suzan Al Ajjawi, Head of Environmental Policy and Planning Directorate at the Supreme Council for Environment, tackled climate change and its effects on the Kingdom of Bahrain and the national efforts spared to address it, while Eng. Hussein Jaafar Makki, advisor to the National Oil and Gas Authority, discussed circular carbon economy and the initiative of the National Authority to deal with climate change. Eng. Salah Aqeel Al Hassan, Head of the Environment Department at Aluminum Industry (Alba), gave a presentation on greenhouse gases and climate change from the perspective of an aluminum smelter, while Dr. Asma Ali Abahussain, professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences in the PhD Program for Environment and Sustainable Development at the University of Bahrain, spoke about the importance of assessing the level of knowledge and awareness of climate change in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Ahmed Issa Al Kuwaiti, CEO of Conserving Bounties Society, gave a presentation on the Society’s initiative in conserving food and achieving the United Nations global goals for sustainable development, especially the second goal concerned with the complete eradication of hunger, and the twelfth goal concerned with ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns, and reducing food waste by rationalization and waste prevention.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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