Bahrain Food Bank

Board Member of CBS Manaf Al Ani, said that the CBS aspires to raise the maximum number of meals it provides to the needy from 60 thousand meals during the past year of 2016 to 100 thousand meals during 2017. Al Ani anticipated- in his statements to reporters on the sidelines of the Ramadan evening for VIVA Bahrain- that the number of meals provided in the holy month of Ramadan will reach about 8,000 meals, elaborating that, “The idea and initiative of the CBS is to collect foods and bounties that have not been used from hotels, restaurants and supermarkets, and to distribute them as nutritionally complete meals to the people in need.” He emphasized that: “There is attention and sponsorship by VIVA Bahrain to support the project due to its societal importance, in addition to the participation of a number of hotels, restaurants and large stores in the Kingdom.”

Operations driven by this idea commenced two and a half years ago, and CBS’s board of Directors is currently establishing an endowment that generates money to continue giving by employing specialized people to carry out the tasks of collecting, preserving and distributing food.

Al Ani said, “CBS is working to create a generation aware of the importance of bounties, to spread the culture of conserving bounties,

create new job opportunities for this ambitious generation, qualify it to be independent, and encourage and urge all groups of society to do volunteer work by distributing surplus food and delivering it to the beneficiaries with the best standards”.

He explained that CBS seeks to enhance charitable work and present it professionally, and to cooperate and communicate with associations and relevant authorities in coordination with the competent government bodies.

Source: Al Ayam

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